Workpackage 2

Dissemination, standardisation and exploitation

The objectives of the dissemination work package are the standardisation and the exploitation of the results of the project within the target communities, selecting the channels and the activities that will contribute to the long-term exploitation of the project results. This includes the following detailed objectives:

  • overall exploitation plan and individual exploitation plan for each partner (exploration of the added-commercial value of the research results);
  • promotion and dissemination of the results through participation in various events such as workshops and conferences;
  • publication of the main results in scientific journals, international conference proceedings and books, standardisation proposals contacting the technical committees of the standardisation groups operating in related fields, management of knowledge and intellectual property to ensure appropriate protection of the project results.

Other activities of the work package are devoted to training in relevant topics as well as for external stakeholders such as other researchers, PhD students and industrial entities, aiming to produce a training element for the project team and for the wider information security community within Europe. During the project regular training meetings, workshops and summer/winter schools on topics that we identify as essential for the project will be organised to ensure the needed interaction between the theoretical and applied aspects of the project.